4 - Gran Premio Red Bull de España

06 May 2018


今回のレースウィークも、LCR Honda IDEMITSUのチームスタッフ全員に支えてもらい、がんばって戦うことができました。今季ベストリザルトを獲得できましたが、まだ改善の余地はたくさんあるので、今日の結果にはけっして満足をしていません。次回のルマンでは序盤からしっかりといいペースで走ることができるように取り組み、トップテンフィニッシュを目指します」

“It was a really hard race in hot conditions. There were lots of crashes and the track temperature was quite high. It meant it was difficult to feel the tyre grip, especially later in the race with both the front and the rear. We still need to improve our starts to the race, and I have to understand why I am slower in the early laps.”

“The LCR Honda IDEMITSU Team have really helped me all weekend as usual, and although we know we need to improve, at least we still took our best result. We’re not as happy with that as we could be, but next time we will focus on the beginning of the race, where I believe we can then get a top-ten finish in Le Mans.”

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