11 - eyetime Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich

12 Aug 2018


全力で最後まで走り、最終ラップではエスパルガロ選手をオーバーテイクしてポイントを獲得することもできました。たった1ポイントとはいえ、貴重な点数獲得です。ここ数戦は厳しいレースが続きましたが、僕を支え続けてくれたLCR Honda IDEMITSUのチームの皆に感謝をしています。おかげで、自分本来の走りを少しずつ取り戻せるようになってきました。今週はミザノでテストを予定しています。今後の戦いに向けて、充実した内容のテストにしたいです。」

“The conditions today were quite warm and so I tried a new set-up during the morning warm-up, which was a positive step forward from qualifying. After a good start and a good turn one I was in a better position. It was a bit of a traffic jam, and turn four was tricky, but I found a gap and made up more spots. After that I tried to make no mistakes in the 28 laps. I tried to follow Viñales, but after ten laps I couldn’t manage it anymore, but it helped me keep a consistent lap time as it became a lonely race for me.”

“I tried my best as always, and even tried to pass Espargaro on the final lap. I made it stick which brought home a point. It’s just one, but it’s better than nothing. I want to say a big thanks to the LCR Honda IDEMITSU Team because the last few races have been tough for me. Finally, we have come back and we will try to continue that form. We have a test in Misano this week, so hopefully that will help us some more if we keep pushing hard.”

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